Hi, I'm Kvivi

25 years of business experience. Father of 5. Author of 21 Days to Inbox Zero

Logistics Tech Consultant at www.askmarsh.com My life is built around

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                  Inbox Zero


       "Inbox Zero" isn't about "zero emails in my inbox". Inbox Zero means you don't worry about emails.

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      Pomodoro is not rocket science.

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Control Your Inbox - 21 Days To The Sustainable Freedom Of Inbox Zero

In the 21st Century email has changed from a handy and convenient business tool to an overused, overworked time-consuming burden. For many, checking and managing email begins upon waking and extends through breakfast, dominates the working day in 20-minute slices, distracts from meetings, interrupts lunch and takes time away from our families and friends in so-called social time. Up until recently, I was the Chief Operating Officer of a $40m freight management company and over the last two years have launched a tech start up associated with that role. I received, on average 75 emails per day from hundreds of co-workers, suppliers, clients and other contacts. I spent less than 30 minutes a day on email and did not check my email outside business hours or on weekends unless there was a particularly urgent need to deal with a specific situation.

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Hi, I'm kvivi